Benjamin Efrati directed collective performances and spontaneous short movies with MIRACLE , an international art/research collective.

The Bible of Xenoxenismwith Zsuzsana Kreif, Diego Verastegui, Petra Lilla Marjai, Balazs Keszegh, Borcsa Zetenyi, Wassim Halal, Laurent Clouet, broadcast 07/10/2017 @ Nuit Blanche 2017, curated by Charlotte Laubard.

Le Patriarche, 2017, with Alexandre Efrati, Nathan Efrati, David Frenkiel, Marius Vuillemier.



Xenoxenism Bus Tours, multimedia performance (music, bus-guides, comic books) which took place on 16/10/2016 at Galleria Continua Paris.






GNOZO  webseries:






Interconference #1, 2014, Salon de Montrouge.





Animation + Stop Motion (PLAYLIST) including Gugus Claclé (2013), Minore Desperado (2014), Gargamel (2015), Tai Chi in Zero Gravity (2016):


Video-performance: L’objet du sport, 2013, Benjamin Efrati & Raphaël Verchère, Institut Français de Tokyo, in Objets, corps, choses, curated by Benjamin Efrati+Samson Sylvain


Video Playlist including Cigoret (2011), Kuki (2006), On cruelty in the game of Go (2012):







The film made by the children,2015:



La Tunisie selon Nathan Frati, 2009, avec Nathan Efrati et Alexandre Efrati