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Master in Philosophy, Lyon III, France; thesis on the neurological explanation of dream and the function of REM sleep ( “the 10,000$ question”) ; under the direction of Denis Forest.

Rêve, imagination, simulation

Dream explanation abuse: neurological explanation in contrast with history of art: surrealism as a broadcasting agent of psychoanalysis; under the direction of Denis Forest.

Arts, sciences, langages


Master in Arts, Beaux Arts, Paris, France; thesis on the relations between japanese butô dancer Tatsumi Hijikata and french litterature, particularly Sade, Lautréamont, Bataille, Artaud. Attached to the text in french are many photographs and transcripted conversations with japanese intellectuals in 2012 on this topic.

Fonctions de la cruauté dans l’oeuvre de Tatsumi Hijikata

Annexe 1

Annexe 2

Annexe 3

This text was produced in reaction to the autocratic absurdity of administrative facilities sponsoring the AIMS program at ENSBA