All material composed and/or recorded and/or edited by Benjamin Efrati.

GNOZO, 2017:


NinjaNinjaNinja, 2017:


Xenoxenism Bus Tours / Performance soundtrack, 2016:

-Analog synthesizers, drum machines, string instruments (saz, sanshin, oud, buzuki,cümbüş)  played and recorded live: executed alone or in collaboration, for live performance or soundtrack purposes.


-Self made electronic instruments and sound art, mostly for live performance, radio creation, workshops.






⇊MIRIKAL, solo soundtrack for animation film by Balazs Turai, 2013

As a debut animation cinema trailer, this project was the diploma piece of Hungarian artist Balazs Turai. Depicting a post-apocalyptical world where nothing made sense, it presented the concept of “Miracle” under the form of a group of three gifted children who alone could fight back the mainstream tendencies to evil world domination.








All music by Benjamin Efrati

⇊CANDIDE Episode 1; directed by Zsuzsanna Kreif. – 2015

Animation adaptation of the eponymous novel by Voltaire, this first episode follows the pilot directed by Nandor Bera in 2014.

All music written and performed by Benjamin Efrati, Noel Sarlaw and Wassim Halal

⇊Tennis Pool : video performance by Fujita Ryuhei and song by Rhodes Tennis Court

Japanese artist Ryuhei Fujita visited Paris in january, 2015. Electronic rock band Rhodes Tennis Court (Benjamin Efrati+Marin Esteban) organized a performance by Ryuhei Fujita on the tennis court situated in front of the sound studio they record in. This chalk-painting performance was made at the same time as the musicians written and recorded the piece. The project was therefore called Tennis Pool.

Film and music by Rhodes Tennis Court, Benjamin Efrati & Marin Esteban

Oligarchia – Online / WebTV Series (subtitled in english) produced in Hungary

Directed by Balazs Turai. Ambitious political revolutionary ideas under the form of animation, it had to happen in Hungary under the domination of President Orban Viktor. The series portraits the changes in society since the election of Orban, in an allegorical journey to the heart of the Hungarian Dream.



Tunes from Oligarchia:

All music from Oligarchia by Benjamin Efrati and Noel Sarlaw

⇊Candide Pilot Episode by Turai Balazs, Bera Nandor, Kreif Zsuzsana, Petra Marjai

This pilot episode of the Hungarian adaptation of Voltaire’s novel (more info on IMDB) involved more audacious music composing, cooperative directing and was followed by the Episode 1 mentionned previously.





All music for the pilot episode of Candide written and performed by Benjamin Efrati and Noel Sarlaw


One song by Louis Sade/Benjamin Efrati published on the website Musique Approximative